Hellooo, Kitty!

So. When you have kids with GERD (chronic acid reflux), you hear a LOT of wall-thuds in the night. Both my boys have been extremely restless sleepers, kicking off their blankets on a nightly basis – and then waking me up because they are freezing. Although 13yo Monkeyboy Jr. did eventually figure out how to keep himself covered and warm… 8yo Monkeyboy Junior Jr. still struggles with it. Maybe it has something to do with this being the developmental period when fear and nightmares can become an issues as well, I don’t know. But I DO know that Mumma gets veeery crabby when she doesn’t get enough sleep.

Then I remembered that when the boys were babies, we had a “sleep sack” with Dadda’s favourite football team logo on it (which I have attempted to recreate, as I can’t seem to find a photo of it for some reason)… and I wondered if something like that might come in handy now. I decided that it would be green, as that is Monkeyboy Junior Jr.’s favourite colour right now… and instead of Arsenal, it would have a giant Hello Kitty on it… because that’s something he likes too. 😉 But I wanted it to be zipper-free and maybe even lose the arm holes…

I opted for polar fleece, as it was made during and for the chillier months, plus it is super soft and easy to care for. I picked up 2+2m in green, plus 1m in white, and 20cm (the minimum) in black and pink. I simply cut out the pieces, based on a Google Image I found… then I pinned the eyes and nose onto the head piece and sewed them in place… then I pinned+sewed the head onto one of the green panels… I made a bow… then I pinned+sewed the bow and whiskers down… then I sergered the two green panels together… and voilà!

He *loves* that thing! 🙂 So do I, as it seems to have helped him stay warm and cozy (and in his own bed) during the night more often than not. He still sometimes kicks his way out of it… but way less often, so YAY!!! Better sleeps for everyone! It was great for summer camping too – I just brought an extra wool blanket to toss over the whole thing on colder nights, and we were golden.

Anyhow. Just thought I’d share. Hope you’re having a great autumn! Keep warm. 😉






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