August Break 2015 – Week Two

On to week two!

Recycled Sari Skirt

E I G H T: smooth. I absolutely adore the silky texture of the lining of my recycled sari skirt. Time for date night!

Lily in Morning Light

Sunday morning. Nature is my church, in so many ways. <3

Nose Hill Summer 2015

N I N E: earth. One of my favourite patches of earth, this stretch of pathway at Nose Hill Park. Although, it was particularly buggy this time of the year. 😉

The Many Faces of Nose Hill Park

I adore how Nose Hill Park offers a variety of habitats / terrains to enjoy: foothills, forest, prairie…

Secret Ring

T E N: talisman. My secret compartment ring, which I use for aromatherapy oils instead of poison or pills (as in days of old). 😉

Seed Head 2015

I know they’re weeds, but they sure are lovely to look at when they get to this point. Wishes, anyone?

Bike Racks at Spark

E L E V E N: edge. While there were a lot of interesting edges to admire at Telus Spark Science Centre, it was the bike racks (and their shadows) that really caught my eye.

Early Morning Light on Crabapples

I can tell that fall is on its way with the return of “early morning light” when I actually wake up (instead of well before then). Siiiiigh.

Stepping On Lego

T W E L V E: yellow. As I was laying in bed, pondering what I might photograph for this prompt, it occurred to me that Lego yellow is a very distinct yellow. And goodness know, we have a lot of it… 😉

Dill and Lilies

Then again, so does the garden. Mmmmm – time for some dill and cream potatoes!

Popsicles By The Bow River

T H I R T E E N: last year. Last year, Bowness Park was closed for repairs due to the 2013 flooding. I am SO glad that they’ve finally reopened, as the boys and I love to visit.

Splashing In The Bow River

Splashing. Skipping stones. Rescuing drift wood. Following minnows. Finding cool rocks. And actually playing together. (Not to mention the playground and Popsicles!) Yes, it was a very good visit.

Pink Rose and Heart Rock

F O U R T E E N: favourite smell. When I was a child, my grandmother’s rose scented things were… too much for me. Nowadays, I absolutely adore the smell. I hope that doesn’t just mean that I am getting old. 😉

That’s two down, and two to go. Gah! Where did the summer go?! Ah, well. Happy snapping, y’all!

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