August Break 2015 – Week Three

It felt like an odd week for some reason…

The Table at Wolf Willow Studio

F I F T E E N: art. I spent the weekend playing at Wolf Willow Studio. I had signed up for a resin class, and as I was the only one who showed up, I got to learn about OH, so much more! Gold leafing. Polymer clay. Mold making. Pyrography (wood burning)… I still haven’t finished my project, but when I do, I’ll give it it’s own blog post I think. 😉

Yellow Sunflower 2015

I can feel the seasons changing already. The chill in the morning air, the more delicate light. We’ve had an early spring and summer, why should autumn be any different?

Tomato Basil Mozza

Of course, harvest time is always welcome. Tomatoes and basil from the garden, with Bocconcini and avocado. YUM!!!

Tiki Torch

S I X T E E N: fire. Plus, one tends to appreciate the hot tub more when it’s a bit chill outside. 😉 This week we got a couple of new tiki torches to add both ambiance and mosquito protection.

Looking Up at Echinacea

E I G H T E E N: look up. Years ago, when I was using my now broken Nikon spy cam, I took one of my favourite photos ever – looking up from underneath some anemone flowers. I tried to use my phone to achieve a similar effect, and it *kinda* worked…

Pink Lily 2015

IPhone is still best for straight-ons, though. Oh, lilies, how I adore thee. Stupid scarlet lily beetles… This is my last remaining pink one. Siiiiigh.

Bernard Callebaut Chocolates

N I N E T E E N: sweet delights. Picked up a few special chocolates from Callebaut’s this week. My mouth is still happy.

Washing Raspberries

More sweet treats! I bought some raspberries and made more freezer jam. Mmmmm…

Brothers Reading

S E V E N T E E N: reading, and T W E N T Y: two. We’ve gotten to the point where the big one reads bedtime stories to the little one sometimes. It makes my heart full to watch them when they’re getting along well like this. <3

Gah! Spider!!!

T W E N T Y O N E: real life. It’s not all flowers and treats over here, you know… I’m not a huge fan of spiders, but found this one – who had inadvertently drowned in the outside dog water dish – to be… intriguing. Identified with the help of various fellow “naturaphiles” as Tegenaria domestica, he is currently drying out in a tissue-covered container. Perhaps to be embedded in some resin. We’ll have to see.

Chai in New Mug

Back to our regularly-scheduled smile-inducing images. Like chai. In a birdcage mug. 🙂

Pesto Eggs on Focaccia

And fresh pesto eggs on toasted focaccia. {drool}

Elvis Jukebox

T W E N T Y T W O: curves. This beauty caught my eye on a quick visit to the hot tub store to pick up some supplies. So purty. AND Elvis!!!

Summer Bath 2015

And even though we now have a wonderful hot tub, I still enjoy the occasional solitary bath. In scented salts. With soft music. And a good book. Ahhhh…

Hope y’all are having a great summer too. Sad to think there is only one week left. There is still SO much to do!!!


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