Gimme Golf Shirts

A little while back, my friend Erin asked if I could sew her up some cool, not your “run-of-the-mill” golf shirts. She’d supply the fabric and pattern, and I’d do the rest.

Golf Shirt Pattern

The pattern she chose was from a company I’d never used before – Jalie. Instead of tissue paper, they use straight up paper-paper, which I’ve got to say, was kind of difficult to work with…

Working Golf Shirt Pattern

Especially with a sliced thumb… but that was my doing. 😉 Still, I muddled through, and even got to try my first “polo” collar, which was kinda cool to do.

First Polo Collar

Although I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the exposed serger stitching along the inside edges when it was done.

Polo Collar

Anyhow. By the time I got around to the second shirt, I decided to change strategies a bit. I chose to draw the pattern onto the fabric instead of struggling to pin it down (the paper was so thick, it was hard to keep the fabric from shifting whilst pinning).

Drawing the Pattern, Waistline Adjustment

I also took in the waist a bit before sewing, to give the shirt a more fitted look for her…

Revised Polo Collar

… and I made the collar placket a bit wider, so that I could wrap it around the inner edge, to give it a more finished look. Much better than serger stitching, don’t you think?

Skull Fabric Stains

Now, when I was working on her pink shirt, I noticed some faint grey spots where they should not have been. I suspect that some of the darker dye leached out during washing, and when the fabric went through the spin cycle, the dye left marks in the places that the water drained. Faint, but they bugged me.

Out Damn Spot!

Luckily, a little soap and a soft toothbrush took care of the problem.

Sew. Sew. Sew… and voila – three sassy and unique golf shirts!

Sleeveless Green Golf Shirt

The sleeveless, green skully shirt.

Pink Bow Skulls Golf Shirt

The pink-with-bows skully shirt.

Red Argyle Skull Golf Shirt

And the red argyle skully shirt!

With a shirt like one of these, maybe even I could be convinced to play a round or two. 😉 Let’s hear it for one-of-a-kind people and their one-of-a-kind clothing. Woo-hoo!


  1. These are fantastic, Kate, and your friend is going to be one fashionable golfer!

    Can’t remember the company, but I once used a pattern that was paper instead of tissue. Impossible, and I did the same as you, drawing it out onto the fabric. Not sure how one is expected to work with that.

    Nicely done, my friend, and I am sure she is very pleased!

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